The first church would burn down exactly 25 years after it opened. The second church built as a replacement was made a frame construction and serve the local congregation in 1818 to 1876 when it was taken down. It is reported these first two churches were built facing the South, situated in the middle of the burial ground.

The present church was erected in 1877 and built facing the main road. Dedication took place on June 9, 1879. it features a number of Gothic revival style elements including the steeply pitched roof and the lancet shaped Windows.

1921 a vestry was added and the Chancellor extended by 6 feet. an incident during the 150th anniversary celebrations in 1941 nearly saw the destruction of the church. lightning struck the steeple and started a fire parishioner Frank Morton climbed the towers inside ladder and managed to put out the fire with an extinguisher before firemen stationed nearby at the Sandhurst airfield arrived on the scene.

In 1963 and Ontario Heritage trust plaque was unveiled in honor of Lieutenant-Colonel James Rodgers, Rogers great-great-grandson attended the event.

It is unclear when the church hall was constructed, but it has become a social centre for Sandhurst hosting numerous events